Court shuts down the fraud Colorado-Based Veteran Fund Camp

A Colorado-based funding camp and their team members were arrested on the charges of stealing money from the veterans. It was a charity programme that was raised for collecting funds so as it provides phone cards to a veteran person.

Court shuts down the fraud Colorado-Based Veteran Fund Camp

Court shuts down the fraud Colorado-Based Veteran Fund Camp

On December 27, 2018 – Lori Swanson who is serving as the Attorney General of Minnesota closed up the Colorado-based TREA (The Retired Enlisted Association) fund camp on fraudulent charges.

Well, the TREA were collecting funds which crossed about thousands of dollars for the purpose of giving phone cards to the veteran people of Minnesota.

Once you mention the word ‘veteran’, it gets hard to get the credit card numbers easily from them. This way people get cheated, mainly in the name of ‘veterans’, which makes the whole case more distressing and worrisome.

Talking about the charity programme, a man from Superior collected more than $14 million nationwide while $345,000 just from the Minnesota audience! 

Later, the police also asked the vets for pets fraud victim if they had any kind of information or connection with the TREA organization before.

That’s when a statement was out saying that the charity money that was collected was going to be used for something that the veterans didn’t actually need!

Another funny part of the story is that the ‘so-called charity’ people mentioned that they gave out phone cards. But in reality, no phone cards were given out, to which the charity company said that people never requested for the phone cards. Meanwhile, Phil Helinski, who was listed as the President of TREA wrote ‘no comment’ in response to the questions asked.

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