5 Mobile Wireless Technologies that you should be Considering by Now!

Currently, the wireless technology stands as one among the major data carriers, and its presence is found in all small as well as large industries. Being the biggest carrier of digital data, Wireless Tech has made its place in almost all types of industries. There may be at least one niche department that makes use of the Wireless methodology.


5 Mobile Wireless Technologies that you should be Considering by Now!

In the early days, smoke was used for signaling and communication. Then it was followed by the pigeons, which was later followed by Wired telephones. Then, came the Mobile Phones. Now, we have the Internet! This is how the Wireless gadgets have evolved with time, and also in a short span of time.

The 5 Major Wireless Technologies that you should start considering by now are:

i. Bluetooth version 4

You already had the Version 3 which was speedy with the transmission of multimedia content. Now, with the version 4 you get to set the mobile on a low-energy mode. This helps when you want to connect the mobile to any external peripheral or sensors for that case.

ii. App Stores. Apple is not the limit anymore.

When it comes to App Stores, don’t restrict your usage to the most famous ones. We can expect more companies to bring own their app store and make the apps reach the users and the potential consumers.

iii. Touchscreens everywhere!

I don’t know if there is any smartphone available in the market, which is devoid of this property. To my knowledge, all the phones come with the touchscreen support, and so the app developers have to code the application accordingly.

iv. Mobile Widgets

Widgets are nothing but those features or utility that you can set on your phones, and make it more functional. They are coded using JavaScript and HTML, and gives you all the real-time info like the weather forecast and even post notifications.

v. Location Awareness

GPS all day, and frankly speaking there will be any 2-3 apps that store the location of yours. For example, the food delivery app will require your location for tracing down the address. You could expect much more apps in the future that asks for the location permission. Keep a check on the privacy settings, and set them accordingly before using the app.

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