10 Easy Steps to Be an iPhone Game Developer [Complete Guide For All]

Is it really hard to develop an iPhone game or any sort of Gaming Application?

Neil Ferguson, the developer of the iPhone game called Virus Strike says, that anyone can develop an iPhone game. He built the game with a zero budget and also with no experience of building an iPhone game.

iPhone Game Developer

Easy Steps to Be an iPhone Game Developer

According to me, you got to have some experience with the app building. That’s a compulsory thing, guys. But along with that, you should have a clear way of executing the whole process.

Find out the step-by-step guide on how to become an iPhone Developer in the following section:

  1. The idea has to be an original one. You should own the entire app, and for that, the idea or the theme of the application should be unique, and something that is completely yours.
  2. Even though you are not a pro developer, make sure that you get the right tools.
  3. As a game developer, you should be aware of the OS you are working on. Learn the features and requirements which are must for an iPhone game.
  4. There are a lot of free tutorials available on app developing basics, you just have to Google it all.
  5. If you are not able to set up a part of the application, get an outsourcing partner and get that task done.
  6. There are free sound effects available for use, you can select any of them and use for your application.
  7. No one likes simple and easy games. So, make sure that you make it a challenging one with increasing difficulty level.
  8. Get a feedback for the gaming application you have designed. This will help you in making it better and also user-friendly.
  9. Once you are done with the developing part, record a video tutorial showing the way of playing the game. So, whenever a user visits the app, they could see the video and get an intro to the game.
  10. Marketing the application is important. Without marketing the app, how will anyone know about the game available on App Store?

That was just a general way in which one can explain the making of an app. But in reality, you got to have technical knowledge of the app developing to get started. So, this is the way you make an iPhone app and make it a successful launch!

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