Who we are

Hello everyone 🙂

(small) Biography of the Webmaster

My name is Thomas (aka MS-DOS_1991 ), I am 16 years old, I am passionate about computer science and more particularly about programming, I browse web forums looking for information to improve my websites and I take advantage of it to help the community when I can 😉

I am proficient in several Web-oriented programming and description languages, including XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, … and I am interested in some “pure” programming languages such as C, C ++ and Java: Twisted:

I realized through my web pilgrimages that many people would like to have a presence on the Internet, for example launching a discussion forum to create a community around a passion, a common theme … However, Computer science is a complex discipline that is particularly difficult to understand if we are not very interested in it, in the sense that (especially on the Internet) it is necessary to master a certain number of relatively complicated concepts in order to understand more simple 🙁

So I decided to create programs myself that would allow people who “do not want to know how it works and why” but only want to easily create their community to do it and then manage it without asking (too many) questions 🙂