TalktoWendys launches new mobile application

Wendy’s started in 2016 with a competitive edge by testing restaurant label technology, a new mobile app, and self-service kiosks, and showing how fast service chains must evolve to keep up.

The fast-food chain has tried several new mobile initiatives in Columbus, OH, and in some restaurants. Wendy’s fans can expect to see the new 2.0 app later this year, while store staff can expect a regional launch of Tag technology to enhance the brand’s mobile order testing.

For a brand to remain relevant, it needs to stay on time said Joshua Keller, CEO of Union Square Media, New York. Because today’s consumers trust their portable devices, care must be taken rather than removing them from this environment.”

TalktoWendys Survey Guide

  1. To begin the TalktoWendys Survey, visit the official website of the TalktoWendys at
  2. Now, submit some information like the date and time of your visit, the store number you visited, the survey code that is stamped on your purchase receipt, etc.
  3. After you submit the details, a TalktoWendys Survey questionnaire will be displayed on your screen.
  4. This questionnaire consists of the questions based on your last visit to Wendy’s. Kindly answer all the questions honestly.
  5. Now, after answering all the TalktoWendys Survey questions, you will be prompted to submit your contact details.
  6. After that, a validation code will be displayed. You need to validate this code when you visit the Wendy’s next time.
  7. It is necessary to know that you can claim the TalktoWendys Survey rewards only after you validate this survey code.

At Wendy’s annual investor conference, Chief Information Officer David Trimm announced that the first half of 2016 will be devoted to maximizing operations and production, particularly with respect to free kiosks. Service. They must be open to the public in the second semester.

This strategy is likely to be well received by Wendy’s customers, especially those with a fixed deadline who want to quickly get in and out of a restaurant.

The proliferation of kiosks at airports and bank branches has made consumers accustomed to using machines for self-service campaigns.

Why not let the client ask what he wants, exactly how he likes it, without a human being translating it into a computer? Keller said. Every company has to automate tasks that do not require human contact.

The brand also plans to launch its full Wendy 2.0 mobile app this year. Three separate apps that were previously in a pilot mode (for ordering, loyalty, and payment) are combined into a single digital target.

Users can customize orders to their exact taste and get nutritional information on that particular food.

These TalktoWendys features were already available in certain markets but will be streamlined for first-time customers in 2016.

Last summer, Wendy’s saw a golden chance to add personalized offers and national coupons to its mobile ordering and payment experience, that focused on the growing convergence between the effective usage of mobile devices to increase customer loyalty and convenience (see article).

Use of the TalktoWendys Application

Perhaps more specifically, Wendy’s will incorporate label technology in the introduction of mobile controls. The labels are designed to notify restaurants when a consumer who has purchased a meal arrives at the store so that employees can keep their order up to date.

Undoubtedly, this strategy can be crucial for the food and beverage industry, as one of the biggest problems for consumers when ordering in advance is the lack of freshness of food.

Everything that makes the TalktoWendys business more efficient and increases customer satisfaction should be the focus, said Keller. We know that the food is very good, so it is the price and the experience that characterizes these chains.

It is no different from McDonald’s goal of creating playgrounds. It attracts customers and improves their satisfaction with the brand.

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