McDVOICE is promoting the healthy food in the best possible way

McDonald’s employee website offers even stranger advice to employees. This time, the industry has helped make it ubiquitous: fast food.

Fast food is a fast, cheap, and readily available alternative to home cooking. Although practical and inexpensive for a busy lifestyle, fast food often contains a lot of calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt, and can put people at risk To be overweight, says a post on the website, which contains a photo of a hamburger and fries, two articles the fast-food giant has specialized in.

Another post cited a McDVOICE meal with a cheeseburger and fries as an “unhealthy option” and another with an underwater sandwich and salad as a “healthier option,” and found that eating healthier is a bigger challenge when it comes to eating. visit a restaurant Fast food.


McDVOICE Survey is conducted at the official website of the McDonald’s at the website address survey enables the participants to place their comments, opinions, and feedback on the official survey portal.

The is one of the most secure options for the customers to make their issues and disappointments into the consideration of the McDonald’s management team.

If you are the customer of McDonald’s, you should visit and make sure that you participate in the survey and make sure that you help the McDonald’s to improve their quality of services and the food they offer. It is necessary to keep the rules and regulations of this survey in mind before participating in this survey.

In general, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease should be very careful when choosing fast food because it is high in fat, salt, and sugar, the message read, and the items on the premises are made up of fast food that is almost always too high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt.

Posts appear to be content provided by an external provider. A McDonald’s spokeswoman said the company is investigating the matter.

It was the latest in a series of errors the site was involved in.

Over the past month, the company has advised workers, many of whom are concerned about the minimum wage. He listed cute tips from au pairs, personal trainers, and pool cleaners under the Maven Emily Post tag, tips that were removed after consulting CNBC. McDonald’s informed CNBC that the contribution was third-party material and that “the feature would continue to be reviewed and the provider would be asked to make the necessary changes.”

At their annual general meeting in late May, Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald’s, defended his company’s food and said, “We don’t sell junk food.”

McDonald’s also had an indirect effect after advising employees to get rid of their vacation debt by returning closed purchases and after publishing a budget guide that did not include heating money and $ 20 a month for them. medical supplies.

However, according to Food Advocates’ Don Thompson and the CEO of McDonald’s, America’s most famous clown won’t be approaching a Big Mac today.

You don’t see Ronald McDonald in schools. You don’t see him eating, Thompson said Thursday at the company’s annual general meeting.

According to health activists, McDonald’s may reject criticism that it intentionally markets unhealthy food for children.

“They feel like kids aren’t encouraged to sponsor the brand if they don’t eat,” said Jesse Bragg of Corporate Accountability International, a food advocacy group that has been campaigning for Ronald’s retirement for years.

McDVOICE has in the past been criticized for visiting schools to teach and act in charities that work for sick children, according to Bragg.

Society has kept Ronald within reach of his food for years, nutritionists say.

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